A streamer profile banner with a screenshot form Tomb Raider Chronicles and the logo

Tomb Raider Chronicles: Streamer Kit

Thank you for joining us for another fun and successful community livestream! We look forward to our monthly gatherings for the memories, memes, funny clips, and hanging out with Lara. We know fans are looking forward to Angel of Darkness and we already can't wait for our community stream for it!

We also wanted to give a big shoutout and thank you to our awesome streamers from today! Please check them out, watch the VOD and give them some love:

You may have seen some Chronicles stream flair at the beginning of the stream and on their channels! If you want to show it off on your own stream you can download our custom Tomb Raider Chronicles streamer kit here!

A stream graphic with a render of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Chronicles, the logo, and text "STREAM STARTING SOON"

A stream overlay featuring a Tomb Raider Chronicles theme with different panels.

A stream graphic overlay with text "NEW FOLLOWER"

A streamer profile banner with a screenshot form Tomb Raider Chronicles and the logo. There are social media icons at the bottom

We have themed streamer kits coming out every month throughout our celebrations! Whenever you're feeling nostalgic, you'll have some flair to match the game you choose.

Thanks for tuning in today, catch you next time!

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