An image of Lara Croft in her blue opera dress from Tomb Raider: Chronicles.

Box Art Reimagining: Megan Lara

How is it June already?!

We are kicking off the month-long Tomb Raider: Chronicles celebration with our newest box art reimaging. This month Megan Lara closes out the classic PS1 era with a stunning piece in her signature art nouveau style. A big fan of Tomb Raider, Megan loaded the image with references to the game via locations, artifacts, and secrets.

Megan has done illustrations for clients such as Dark Horse comics, Quantum Mechanix, Teefury, The Yetee, Syfy, Marvel, Loot Crate and a host of other amazing companies. She has also created prints and tee designs for shows, comics and movies such as Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, The Guild, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel properties, and Monty Python.

"When asked to reimagine the cover for Tomb Raider: Chronicles, I jumped at the chance to illustrate it in the art nouveau style,” Megan explained. “I felt that the juxtaposition art nouveau provides was perfect for Lara Croft: soft, often feminine subjects against harsher, solid lines; realistic forms against flat shapes and patterns; fine art combined with commercial design.

The opera scene in Chronicles was particularly memorable and lent itself well to the style by showcasing her femininity and resolve, so that is what I chose as the main focus. Inspired in particular by Alphonse Mucha's illustrated commercial advertisements of Sarah Bernhardt, I picked several integral scenes and locations from the game to include as vignettes around the drawing of Lara.  As I like to do in my work, I used many easter eggs and visual references from the game to turn into patterns and design elements to tie the piece together.  The God Stones' symbols, Iris, Bestiary, Spear of Destiny and the Philosopher's stone are a few of the more prominent ones that I hope fans of Lara's recognize and enjoy.

You can see more of Megan Lara’s art at, or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can download the full suite of versions for mobile, desktop and social below. And don’t forget, you can print your own cover and pop it in your Tomb Raider: Chronicles jewel case for a fresh look!

Download Tomb Raider: Chronicles Box Art Reimaging Here

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