a livestream interstitial with rise of the tomb raider

Streamer Kit: ROTTR & TR2013

We wrapped up our last community playthrough stream of 2021 yesterday with Rise of the Tomb Raider! It's crazy to think we've journeyed through almost the whole TR game catalogue this year and retold Lara's tales through so many incredible streamers. 

Last month we also held a 25-hour livestream marathon for Extra Life which encompassed many different segments including our TR2013 community playthrough. We wanted to take the time to give a shoutout to our streamers from both playthroughs before handing out those sweet streamer kits!

Thank you to our TR2013 streamers for coming to the rescue and taking part in our Extra Life marathon for a great cause! Please check out their channels and show them love:

Thank you to our Rise of the Tomb Raider streamers for sending off our 2021 streams with a bang! We truly couldn't have asked for a better set of wonderful new faces to travel to the Lost City with. Be sure to check them out as well:

We have custom streamer kits for both games that you can download and use for your own channel, check them out below!

Download the TR2013 Custom Streamer Kit here!

Download the Rise of the Tomb Raider Custom Streamer Kit here!

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