A render from Tomb Raider of Lara Croft in a desert

TR25 Fan Spotlight: Dean Kopri

We've been highlighting different types of fan celebrations and community efforts throughout our TR25 celebrations, and this week we want to turn the spotlight over to an extremely talented community member and composer!

If you hang out on social media and interact with other members of the community, you're probably no stranger to the musical musings of Dean Kopri. Since we are celebrating Tomb Raider II this month, we thought it was fitting to highlight his recently uploaded fan cover of the TRII theme, inspired by the original work by Nathan McCree.

Hailing from Croatia, Dean has been an avid Tomb Raider fan for years - and with musical influences from bands like Nightwish, you can imagine his fan covers and interpretations of Tomb Raider music are nothing short of EPIC. Speaking of epic, he also recently released his biggest TR inspired theme called "TIMELINES" specifically for the TR25 celebration!

We also recommend listening to his take on "Venice Violins" and fan cover of the 1996 Tomb Raider main theme.

We'll be highlighting more fan celebrations, creations, and projects throughout the year so please share them with us on social!

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